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Hello, guys have a game : it's how yes or no game from hiddenkiller but it's about beo2 who has buy what and not i start now : do you have buy the atom shell?

answer = yes or no from you Smiley_Smile let's start.
Answer : Maybe Lol..........Yes

My Question : Do you have Bandito Shell ? [Image: 3BC75Bx.png]
Yeah i did have it

do you have alien shell?
You didn't asked any question So Game Over close this thread Lol
Lmao Dazz right game over.
I was on update. btw sorry
Answer : No

Question: Do you think Dynamite is a Strong Weapon ?
Nah don't think so

Do you like Red baron as weapon?
Yes i do.

Do you like "Invisible Egg" shell?
yes but with Fire On it Smiley_Skull

My Question : Do you think Poison Tipped Rocket is a Weak weapon ?
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