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There is a feature I would like to add to the game, if possible. When you invite someone, suppose they don't come, and someone else does. Once the match is over, if you try to send them an invite, it says that you have already invited this person. Is it possible to adjust the game so that when 1 game ends, you can again send an invite to them?
suppose your friend is in the game ,how you would know when the game is ending? even after few min. you send invite he will have to wait till your game ends.what if he gates bored of waiting & engage in other game,if you try to send invite again
dosnt it sounds annoying?
Huh, good point there, didn't really think it through...Another thing, if you want o invite a person again, just ditch the game (once its done, of course) make another and you're free to invite them again. Just realised it, so there is no reason to implement this.
what if you make another game its get filled again with unwanted players still your friend is not there ;D
in peek time lots of players are available rooms get filled quickly you cant control that.
best way make private game invite friend wait till your friends comes then uncheck private option ,your room will be public.
rest of the space will get filled by other players ,but both person have to wait till all needed ones in the lobby.
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