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Okay. Perhaps this has been mentioned before. I'm not a historian when it comes to this forum.

I'm not sure if this forum has this feature, but a "LIKE" button (similar to Facebook) could totally cut down on this forum's "spam", as so many call it. Instead of someone replying "Thank you" or "Nice work" on a (let's say) clan thread, those who appreciate that post can just "LIKE" it.

I don't know...I guess I feel that there are a lot of good posts out there that deserve to be recognized, but aren't because replying to that post could be considered "spamming".

If anyone reads this, I accept all comments and suggestions equally.

Now where's that like button, so I don't have to post that I agree with the idea?

Anyways, I like the idea. But It wouldn't really improve any spamming, since all of the spammers would just post on here anyway, regardless if there's a button or not.
I saw in another forums they use the term 'thanks' and it seems to work great, I would LOVE this feature...
There is a rate feature. I do like this idea, though, and it would be interesting to see how it would play out in terms of cleaning up the forums a little bit.
Burny is such a nooby, don't click here!

Haha, I suggested this in BEO1, a long time ago, but it was never added. So, the Donkins might have a special reason not to add it.

Anyway, I do of course support it!
This is not a new idea, and I think it had good reception before.
(12-14-2014 10:14 PM)Crocovip88 Wrote: [ -> ]Hey i put me on that book, i just beaten rayvel 60 times in a row but my dog just eaten the screenshots....still put me there !1!1!1!1


(12-15-2014 09:13 AM)Inuyasha Wrote: [ -> ]This is not a new idea, and I think it had good reception before.
Yeah, I know. I stated that I'm not a BEO or BEO2 historian. Smiley_Tongue

I'm wondering if this forum site doesn't have that option available. Though, as most people have said, it would be a nice option.

@Plop Yeah, there is the "rate" option, but that is only for threads and not individual posts.

Personally, I just don't want to be accused of "spamming" (again) because I simply post a "Nice idea", "Thanks", etc...about a previous post. Plus, it would help clean up some of the (not saying spam) shorter posts.

Anyway, thanks for all of the feedback guys. I appreciate it. Sometimes old suggestions need to be brought up again because things get lost here. And like I said, maybe there isn't or wasn't an option for this.

I aggre with this idea.And also where would it be? The like button. If it was here.
[Image: 2i0dqvn.png]
they had something very similar when this forum started up during beta testing but it also had a 'thumbs down' type as well.

much like the forum reputation system this was abused and caused many confrontations between individuals resulting in the removal of the system alltogether before beta testing was even over.

i do support it, though i doubt that it will be re-implemented.

however as far as the 'spam' on others threads by just saying 'good work' or something similar....well that's a huge grey area. For example someone (names omitted) used to report ppl's post for just that same reason on his suggestion thread. Just as others do it elsewhere (wont name who).

On the flip side of that, if someone makes some artwork or does something creative for beo and they receive a 'good work' or 'nice job' that type of feedback is more than welcome and accepted. Hence the grey area. It really all comes down to a case by case basis.

Imo i think that the overuse of reporting a 'spam' post that isnt exatly spam, then that user should be given a warning (if they don't do this already idk).

The literal act of spamming is a repetitive phrase or series of meaningless or pointless comments in one specified area. Again imo saying 'good work' or 'nice job' or 'supported' ect. doesnt happen in succession then that individual should be exempt from having their singular post reported as spam, and the person doing the reporting should receive a warning, 'do not report false spam posts. Further incidents can result in the numerical increase of your warning percentage'.

*edit* doing all of this from my piece of junk phone it doesnt like to let me put breaks in paragraphs. sry bout that
if the link doesnt work b/c my phone is retarded just look on youtube 'monty python spam'
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