Full Version: Make your own Badge :D
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Lol hey guys Menno here =p i had a nice idea when i was playing COD BO2 and i was making my own badge there Smiley_Tongue so i thought: "Why we cant do this in Beo2?" here are some suggestions:

-> Every time you level up you get a few new things

-> Making a badge cost credits e,e

-> how more thing you use how more it cost

That was it guys i hope you will like and support it Smiley_Thing

-Have a nice day. Regards M
Hmm nice suggestion but i really don't care because i have cool one ;D
i like the idea of making your own badge but making it a costly matter? (unless the donkins want more money)

how about which badges and backgrounds you have unlocked you can simply edit for your own "emblem"

having to do unlockables like in BO2 will get people to make explicit content emblems (everyone has seen them) again the donkins can counter this by making specific unlockables for the emblem editor not being able to make anything speciic but do they have time for that? they releasing two new mobile apps and beo2 updates? (even beo3 confessions :/)
Smiley_XD ty bryas bro, but dont u want to make one thats even more awesome Smiley_Smile
An additional note you shouldve put the thread in Suggestions (Click suggestions <link)

Pretty sure a mod will move it to there anyways
This idea was already shared a long time ago, I like the idea but people will make disgusting with it. Things over +18 and more.
@ Z oh i didnt know it was suggested before

and if it cost creds not much people wil buy it and if they do the owners should delete it =S
I really like the idea but you should be able to make one for free and to buy more ''slots'' for badges you need credits..

I was thinking like getting different stuff to add in the badge by playing the game (For example killing a player on a specific way) and that gets you a new thing you can put in your badge..

Make a ''Best Badge'' competition or something...
yup i thought about that also terminator Smiley_BigGrin
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