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should u be able to make your own costume or no means you should level[/php]
what do you mean? please explain.
by costume. Do you mean design your own egg shell for the game?
And then what's the purpose of all the shells that John makes in the game? What's the point of having a shop to buy special eggs? The closest thing to a do-it-yourself thing that I have seen and that could actually work, it has been posted in BEO1 forum (guess: long time ago).
Really, we already have the option to select our own shells, so I don't see the need for anything more. I think it would defeat the point of having shells! Personally, I feel that there's actually more variety with the current system than there would be with a generic 'choose your style' system.
if op means making own shells then that has ben shot down since beo1 and reason being what rata536 said.
No, for reasons already mentioned.

... Aside from comprehension issues
Good. but its harder than it looks to do these things
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