Full Version: Suggestion For Mobile
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Just see the picture ~~>

Edit: added a poll.
Yes please, this is actually something I've been thinking about a lot while playing in games.
They're much more efficient in controlling your aim. Fully support, if it's possible! Smiley_Pineapple
+1 on this
It's really, really hard to aim with a small screen with the current system -- I end up tapping far away from my egg just to be able to see the aiming cursor...
I agree this is great idea, but for the ipad users or big screen users it's no problem well not for me anyway but I still do support the idea Smiley_BigGrin
Hmm I do see your point. The controls were always going to be a bit more fiddly on mobile and something like this could certainly help. The trouble is it would get in the way a bit and could make it feel very cluttered. I will see if there are some improvements we can make.
Yes, like Rob said that would make the screen feel cluttered. But I'm not saying this stops it from happening.

I feel like I am the only one who is happy with the controls, I can get exact aim nearly every time. But if this is something that others need, then I don't really have any objections except for a cluttered screen.

I already make enough mistakes by accidentally walking, instead of adjusting my aim.
Yes thats a good idea, it will increase the precision a lot .

But still, they made an awesome work on the touchscreen aim, i didnt expect that high precision with touchscreen , the current aim is anyway good

Hmm alot of people supporting my idea ;D thanks all and btw Rob hope you can make it.
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