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Hey everyone. I was playing some 2v2s with turbodog79 and he mentioned that he wants to buy some credits and share it with friends that cant buy any.

Why this idea is great:
-You can buy credits for your friends that you care for and you can have more fun with packs and stuff!

-Donkins will make MORE money. "richer" people can buy some credits and share with players that arent allowed to buy credits due to saftey reasons.

-Players will have MORE fun with things that they wouldnt have ever been able to buy.

I dont know why this wouldnt be good!

Please think about having this.

Think about the players that their parents wont let them, now you can have a nice friend give it to you for free!
This is a nice kind thing to do for people.

I would do this for my friends that dont have the ability to buy things!

I would totally do that.
yes send credits to other acc. if option is available it can be useful.

also you can hold you own competitions clan matches for win prize 50-200 credits,it will stir up things in the forum.
that would be awesome. Smiley_Smile. i am going to try to make friends with people who buy stuff Smiley_Smile
Wow SenSei, you're right! I forgot about that, I could finally set a prize for the Shells-Crusher Tournament. Smiley_BigGrin

(11-21-2013 01:59 PM)Master cheef Wrote: [ -> ]that would be awesome. Smiley_Smile. i am going to try to make friends with people who buy stuff Smiley_Smile

I don't think people would buy you stuff if you only talk to them for the gifts. Smiley_BigGrin
that is not the only reason. I like to make friends in beo2. Smiley_Smile

I am not greedy.
I do not like this idea because then each player will ask you if you can gave him credit and this be happen every game 24/7 and that will be annoying not only for me but for everyone.
Interesting idea anyway
How would the credits be transferred from one account to another?
This would probably be possible from a technical standpoint but sadly there are quite a few problems with it which mean that it is unlikely we would ever implement something like this.
As already pointed out the dreaded credit beggars would get irritating (we get lots of these every day and it does get boring!). If you had to put up with that all the time in games as well it would be a real pain.
Also, and this is the major one for me, there would be a lot of theft/fraud to deal with that would be very difficult for us to keep tabs on (I'm talking people guessing passwords or otherwise gaining entry to an account that isn't theirs and then giving themselves all the credits from that account). There will be complaints and arguments and we would have to spend a lot of time and effort carefully looking into each individual case.

On the face of it it does seem like a great idea and we would certainly love to allow this but the reality is that it would cause too many problems, sorry.
right rob and other idea that people will do that they will make lot of acc and when there is credits give away like BEO then they will transfer all credits to one acc only and lots of credits are gained in one acc
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