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My idea is you will get credits by winning games. 5 credits per winning a game.
No one would ever need to buy credits and the Donkins would lose lots of money. The only way this ever happens is on national holidays.

If you can put more thought into our suggestions maybe they could sound more reasonable.
Yea but on holidays 5 per a game.
I got one word for you; No.

There is obviously no need for more explanation to this.
Let's say you win ten games per day (of course, this would vary, depending on what period of time you play for); that's fifty credits in one day, which is enough for one weapon pack. Considering the amount of national holidays there are per year, there would be no need for anybody to purchase credits. Consequentially, the Donkins brothers would no longer gain any profit from their hard work.

I'm afraid I'm not in support of this idea. Thanks for sharing, though!
if donkins give more free credits then less players need to buy credits and that way donkins get less money which can be used to improve beo2 and used on future projects.

5 creds per win during holiday: xmas 2 days so 48 hrs and if wins 10 matches per hour then each player gets over 2.4k credits inside that 48 hrs and that's more than enuf to buy everything currently in beo2 shop and anything that gets added into shop for next couple years.

they don't have to give us free credits but they do due various reasons.
You're essentially asking the game creators to relinquish 25c of their profit for every game you win. You win 40 games, they lost $10 of potential profit.
Times thousands of players.

It just won't happen.
People go on and on about 'free' and 'give away' credits.

Those that do have NO idea how much time it takes to actually sit down and write the script for a game. I've personally not done it either, but I have done enough to know that it takes up quite a bit of time.

Time = Money
That's a real-life fact.

Next time anyone wants to ask about free credits, i highly suggest you research just what it would take to design and write the script for a simple app on a smart phone. Just that....would amaze you. And hopefully make you think twice about the hard work the Donkins have put into making all of this.
This would be a great way to make sure the Donkin bros lost a great amount of profit from the game. It would also be incredibly unfair to those who already purchased credits. It's also an incredibly, incredibly inflated amount for a short duration.

I've won over 3k games, where's my 15k credits at?

I'm sure it's not that difficult to see why this is a horrible idea.
you kidding
you know what thats mean?
this mean in every game you can have 5 credit means (0.25$)
in this way any body dont buy credit
this is stupid idea
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