Full Version: Weapon Suggestion
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I have a suggestion for a weapon that is a variant of the Air Strike. Its gimmick would be that the signaling flare would home in on the nearest target and stick there until the bomb is dropped.

To keep things fair, the bomb would cause less damage than the regular Air Strike bomb, to compensate for the homing signaling flare.

I'll understand if you think that this kind of weapon doesn't seem feasible or anything.
Feasibility isn't really the issue with this, in my opinion. If you look at it, we have plenty of homing weapons and/or player controlled weapons. The biggest issue with this is that most of the existing weapons have some sort of realism added in, such as flares (DFA and air strike) being able to roll a bit before stopping.
we have homing missile with 15 dmg and homing cluster ~30 dmg and air strike and dfa can be shot under opponent to deal max damage and if homing air strike would do less damage (like 4 less) than normal then it would be just improved homing missile.
Not saying it's impossible, but what would be the benefit of this weapon that isn't already provided by some other weapon?
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