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hey guys
yeah i know i am not her for a time
but today i like suggest some new shells
i know them to you
[Image: 74063384868139254809.png]
thank you
Lol nice made bro Smiley_BigGrin
thanks my best friendSmiley_Heart
I'm guessing that your England Special Guard shell is based off of the Queen's Guard; I like it! The hat could be a little darker, but it's your design, so nice work!
Smiley_ThumbsUp Nice job VBB Smiley_BigGrin. I enjoy those shells they are pretty amazing Smiley_Smile.
thanks a lot my friends Smiley_ThumbsUp
I Smiley_Heart U
Nice job. But I'm guessing you meant commando. Not commondo.
yes sorry
thanks Smiley_Smile
better name for commando would be eggmondo and guard should be england egg guard etc.

nice ideas.
I really like the guard; the rest to me is mediocre though.
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