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My suggestion is a new weapon, named the Grand Eight Ball.

It is a grenade with a time span of 5 seconds before impact.

Explodes into a tiny shower of 7 pool balls, each ball takes away 4 damage, while the eight ball takes away 10 when hitting an opponent.

A total of 38 damage if fully inflicted on some one.

Feel free to give your criticism, support, or ideas.

[Image: 7Rubthm.png]

Wow very awesome suggestion! Hope the donkin brothers will include this in the game.
I really like your idea,but how they will come out from our hands,you could also create a gun type thing for thtis
Eggsploring, I don't think you understand that this is a grenade. Not something that throws everything out at once.
I actually really like this idea!
Looks like a fun weapon! Nice idea Smiley_Smile
Smiley_ThumbsUp Awesome suggestion bro Smiley_BigGrin It sounds really cool an neat I hope this might come into the game maybe? Smiley_Smile Its a pretty cool idea Smiley_Wink.
Thank you all for the support, I'm glad that you like it Smiley_Smile
I like it a lot, but at the same time I feel like it would almost work better as a bazooka (like the Christmas baubles from BEO1). Then have each one do 5 damage, thus giving a max of 40 when not using skill shot.
Hm, I see what you are saying. I did consider making this into a bazooka type weapon, but it made more since making it a grenade because it is round, having more potential than just fireing out of a bazooka.
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