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Welcome to the WILD forum thread.


Where shall i start... hmmm... WILD is a small team who enjoys playing together or do some great battles against each other. We're not much into clan wars or battles.


In WILD there are no leaders or ranks.
We are all the same.
    - Malevskiy
    - Wyr2all
    - Bitterbal
    - Antrax
    - Phielp
    - Silverkane
    - Cipolla
    - Zeches
    - Celticwarrior
    - Irtiza
    - Tonic
    - Happa
    - Drake28034
    - k123kostas

    - Level 50+
    - +18 Years Old
    - No clan hopping
    - Be respectful

Allies: Smiley_Heart



- None.

PS: The thread is incomplete for now, more updates coming soon. Smiley_Wink
Best whishes to your clan buddy Smiley_Wink
Ty Menno, Good luck with urs to.
My clan? Smiley_Shocked oh yeh im in DEW i almost forget Smiley_XD
Always been my best friend good luck bro.
HMmm i thought bitter was leader of wild ...anywas GOODLUCK WITH CLAN Smiley_Smile
bbal forgot this game now...and we dont have leader =)
There was already a clan named WILD.
(11-24-2014 06:35 AM)Gothic Demon Wrote: [ -> ]There was already a clan named WILD.

Ugh... Sorry to hear that, I had no idea about that. I am not going to search every thread on the forum to figure out that. I ain't a grave digger.
Good Luck with your clan Levy John Smiley_BigGrin. I hope your clan thrives like all the other clans around here Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_Smile.
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