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Hello, I've came to this thread to discuss what I feel is lacking in shells.
Personally, I feel their should be a sporty appearance in the available catalog. I love basketball, (Suggested by "dunk"ey) and figured that if I played such an amazing game, it would need such an amazing shell.
Here is an idea of what it would look like:
[Image: 4rfbqw.png]
This is just a really fast sketch of what I had in mind, I'd like to hear all feedback.
Seeing how three individuals seemed to enjoy my art, if you'd like to see a sport themed shell made I can do my best to actualize it.
Okay, first off, I appreciate that you capable of expressing your thoughts with words, unlike many around here. As far as the egg idea goes, I like the idea of sports in there. Sometimes I try to think of something that is missing in the selection of available shells and its tough to come up with something, but there's one. And it could be expounded into a plethora of different sports. Seeing as how basketball is your favorite and you chose it, I like your design.
Good desing maybe we see more soon? Smiley_BigGrin
Very good, looks almost as good as the ones in game. Perhaps the Donkin bros will release a new batch of sport-themed eggs soon. Like the egg, hope to see you make more.
Thanks, I appreciate the positive feedback, and I'm glad you think my "art" is good!
I aggre. It would make good art.

How did you make it?
@Gold man 2
I used
I intend to, and have added my shell art.
I will however give it a makeover eventually.
Thanks for the encouragement all!
1 question, how did you paint?
I just take advantage of all the tools provided.

My newest art was definitely the hardest,
and I used layers, copy/paste, rotating, flipping, lines brush width and custom colors in it.
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