Full Version: Russain Roulette?
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This is a game mode possibly for pro players. This is where you get all yout guns but you only have one bullet. Good idea?
need more explanation on Russain Roulette
we alredy have routlette mode for pro
I mean like you have all of your weapons but it is only one bullet
are saying you will have all weapons with only one bullet but not random?
Russain Roulette dosnt work like that as seen in movies you only get 1 bullet with random chance
routlette mode is similar to Russain Roulette,you get random weapon with one shot.
It's not a TERRIBLE idea...but it will be tough to implement. And weapons like mortar, will they explode into 3? And other weapons, such as minigun, will be severely underpowered and may take a supremely long time to finish the match.

Besides, in russian roulette, there is a gun, with which you shoot yourself, with a 1/6 chance of killing yourself. That has no relevance to this mode you suggest...
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