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Ello guys,

Just a few additions that I think would elevate the game and further benefit the higher skilled players.

No seeker option: Just like any pro option, a no seeker option. I'm not sure whether this can be implemented at all, but mainly this is just my rage at those who use seekers every....single...time. I've had people use seekers when there was about +4 wind, this option would eliminate that and promote actually trying to aim a little. I personally think it's a joke that a homing cluster grenade can do a maximum total of 42 damage on skillshot mode, kind of makes a mockery of the name of the mode. The player has no control over their trajectory, they are purely designed to hit the egg that they are closest to at a certain point upon launch, which requires no aiming. Having said that, there are players who use their wits to perfectly place a homing cluster beneath the opposing egg to deal maximum damage, but then the introduction of modes such as random gravity eliminates that, as any gravity higher than 10 and all of the clusters will hit. Again, i'm not suggesting that these be removed, or that their damage be limited, i'm just suggesting that there exists a option to play without these weapons. Much like how ceilings removes the weapons like Dfas, Air strike, Falling elephants, Cookies and UFOS, this option would remove any type of seeker. There are players who don't like playing with wind for instance, so they don't select that option. I would love to have this option in game so to not have to deal with facing users who simply fire a seeker with the highest velocity possible in order to deal any sort of damage. Another advantage is that for the higher skilled players, this would definitely mean more flawless wins. I lost count a long time ago of the times that I should have won flawlessly yet a seeker was used, particularly in team games.

Critical hit option: I think there should be a reward for players who can consistently hit with no misses. For example, 4 hits in a row, critical hit and increased damage dealt. Of course games where the hp is set to 100, the game can finish in 2 turns, so this option wouldn't as influential. This option is probably more relevant to wind games where your aim needs to be changed consistently throughout the game. Being able to hit an opponent a certain times in row, would reward those who are able to change aim yet not miss. There are games where I never miss yet feel so bored after a couple of turns because I get that monotonous feeling come about. A critical hit would mean staying focused and concentrating fully on the aim. It would also mean that once hit, you would be on the move constantly to avoid being dealt a critical hit yourself, thus providing a better degree of aiming. Some players have their aim fixed during an entire game and have no incentive to move. This should benefit the better aimers in the game. When I played Cheatyface for example, the guy was always on the move because he knew that moving would increase my chances of missing or change my tactics, whilst he knew no matter where he moved or how much he moved, he wouldn't miss. One problem I see potentially occuring with this is when players who like to come close to the opponent and fire at point blank range, but they do this at their own risk knowing that their opponent will have the same advantage and opportunity to gain a critical hit. This kind of option would work best with maps like Skull, Pearly gates, the underwater map etc, where opponents are unable to come close unless they teleport.

High Gravity mode: No Brainer really. I'm guessing there's already plenty of threads suggesting this, I think this should be implemented simply because it adds another dimension to the game which contains different physics to normal gravity, thereby enhancing the game much in the same way that Low gravity does.
When wind is added, it is true that in Low gravity you always have a way of causing damage, simply because the nade is the go to weapon when a certain amount of wind means that you can't use non-wind affected weapons. A nade in Low Gravity can air-burst, whilst in High Gravity, this isn't possible. This would possibly mean longer games, but that just seems like one of the aspects of the modes. I remember when Random Gravity came out, we had an all Beta 3v3 which lasted about 15 minutes..The wind dictates your weapon selection for that turn, but that's always the case. It simply means that in this setting, you'll have to find another way, other than air bursting a nade to cause damage. That's just a consequence of choosing to play on this mode, similar to the random weapons setting. There are instances when you'll be stuck in a position and a completely useless weapon will be generated, particularly if you play with wind+ Random Weapons. I also think the option to have this mode is pretty natural considering the implementation of Random Gravity. With all of the gravities ranging closer to 1 (Low gravity), it feels like home to me simply because i'm used to low gravity, it's physics and the values or velocity constants needed to visualise the trajectory of the missle. With the higher gravities, it is a lot harder as there isn't a mode available to consistently practice those shots. This would eliminate that. Whilst you can go into practice and find these values, i'd prefer to have a game mode to test out the shots against other players.

Weapon Suggestions
As for weapon suggestions, there aren't many that I can think of which would add something to the game positively, other than the ones Troll2 has already mentioned in his own suggestion thread. The Devs can work on those and i'll focus on making them look epic in-game ;D

But having said that, there should definitely be a pack representing England...Donkins you guys should be repping us man =( Don't let the team down:

England-Centric pack

Big Ben: Similar to the big-boom in blast radius, but with added damage. The tip of the missile would be like an arrow, so only complete precision with aim would ensure total damage is dealt, although the impact of the explosion would also deal some damage. Upon explosion, little debris from the clockwork would rain down, similar to the pineapple, dealing damage. Debris to be wind affected. I would make the damage 18 for the explosion added to the hit of the tip of the weapon, which would deal 12, and 5 pieces of debris dealing 2 damage each. Total damage dealt: 40. Although the total damage dealt is high,depending on the positioning of the opposing player, it would require a high level of skill to deal total damage. Wind affected Weapon.

Fish & Chips: I guess probably the most stereotypically known English food outside of Britain. Similar to the paper plane in design and damage, yet where the plane takes on less gravity, the fish takes on more gravity and the chips are affect by wind unlike the bombs which are deployed from the plane. Also where the plane has no blast radius and the bombs do have a blast radius, I would reverse this and make the fish have a blast radius and the chips function the same way as arrows by having no blast radius. I would keep the damage exactly the same as the skill needed to deal maximum damage is the same, if not more considering the chips are wind affected, but a damage intake of over 50 would be too OP for my liking. The timing of the deployment of the chips can be set similar to that of Bring the Rain considering the Fish takes on more gravity than the paper plane. Fish does 10 damage on impact, each of the 5 individual chips would deal 8 damage. Total damage dealt: 50 Wind Affected c(:

Digestive Biscuits: Haven't thought this through entirely, mainly because it's like 2am and i'm munching on these. A weapon with higher gravitation/Higher weight, the blast radius would be a little larger than Dynamite, but the main values the same. To off-set the blast radius being larger than dynamite, I would lower the damage to somewhere around 22. Non-wind affected weapon.

Exploding Cup of Tea: Functions similarly to the splurge grenade and devil's nade with regards to how it's particles spawn and behave. I wouldn't make the initial displacement Zero and behave like Devil's nade, too easy for CheatyFace to detonate. The droplets would be wind affected. 12 damage on the initial impact of the cup, 12 tea particles dealing 3 damage individually. Total damage 48. High again, but with a certain level of skill needed to achieve maximum damage, I think it warrants the high damage. Especially considering it's similarites to two weapons dealing 48 damage (Devil's nade) and 55 damage (splurge) The nade itself is non-wind affected, but the particles/droplets are.

Fawkes Bon fire: Similar to crescent moon, a missile which on impact splits into different projectiles which are launched into the air. Projectiles would be wind affected. The rocket itself doing 8 damage on impact, with 6 projectiles each doing 5 damage. Total damage dealt: 38.Wind affected weapon.

The Rayvel punching bag: ....Self explanatory. You can throw in the Rayvel dart board while you're at it. (Kidding man, you know I love you <3 )

Would have loved to suggest a football/soccer-centric weapon, but with mulit-missiles and bouncers, I think we're covered in that area. P.S Arsenal are the greatest football team to have ever graced this universe, fact, but haters gonna hate.

Although I think there are more than enough packs in the game, would love to see these introduced =P

There ya go, a suggestion thread, probably about time that I made one. Would love to hear what you guys think, but if you hate it, remember:

I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you like my thread now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will ki...too much Taken q.q

Good night guys! Smiley_Tongue

#TeamBeta ~I know i'm probably going to be taunted by you Beta peeps tomorrow about my long posts=|'s an addiction, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem e.e
Thats a long post, i didnt even wanna bother reading it. just by reading the beggining(something like that) i got bored Smiley_Tongue lol jk u kno i lov u Smiley_Wink <3 but im still not gonna read it Smiley_Smile
Thanks bud, appreciate the feedback -_- I'll make sure to make it a picture book next time >.>

Sidenote: I love you too <3 c(=
Quite a long post, I must say, but filled with great stuff!
I like the way, in your ideas, you focus on creating things that benefit those with actual skill, rather than quick, mass murder options/weapons.
I see you've put very much thought into this and I'd just like to say that I particularly like the no seekers option, as well as the fish and chips weapon idea. I like the idea of having the chips have no blast radius, because with the paper plane it is so easy for anyone to get the full 50 or at least 40, but if drop behaved like arrows and were wind effected, it would take more planning and skill to effectively use it. I would love to see high gravity implemented as well.
I love reading long posts/threads and these options sound really cool especially the weapon suggestions Smiley_ThumbsUp
Great job i like crit hit suggestion Smiley_Smile
Thanks for the great feedback guys! I appreciate that you took the time to read through the post, long and draining though it probably was haha. And plop, I love your understanding and analysis of the weapon ^^ I'm glad you guys enjoyed the suggestions =P

Cheers guys =)
Nice ideas _ _Ideas

"=()" "()="
One question. In the no seeker option, does anything happen to the panda? It is not a seeker, but its a more or less skill-less weapon. And would that option affect only standard weapons, or pro seekers as well? (I can only think of one off the top of my head.)
Hi Plop!

The no seeker option would work along the same premise of when Ceilings are applied, so all weapons, pro and non pro are affected, in the same manner that Dfas and air strikes are eliminated as well as premium weapons such as Ufos, meteors and falling elephants once ceilings are activated. So a weapon such as 'Circle of Death' in pack 4, would be eliminated, for instance.

With regards to the Robot Panda, I do agree that it isn't really a skill based weapon, but unlike a cluster, the weapon is controlled by the player controlling the movement of the panda. It's just the debris which is harder to anticipate, but even in the case of the debris, they don't behave in a homing missile style. Other weapons similar to this is the turret, where although the turret shoots the egg closest to where it's been deployed, the turret itself has to be aimed, which requires a certain level of aiming which takes it above the level of a seeker. Not to mention that in order to deal maximum damage, the turret must also be launched in a way that traps the egg within it's blast radius upon destruction to deal the final +5 exploding damage. (+6 in skillshot mode) So anything which does not behave in a homing missile type manner, would be exempt and would still be available.

Thanks for your question Plop, hope this helps clear things up a bit =P
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