Full Version: "all over the show" badge
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This is more a random awesome idea in my head than an actual real suggestion that I think could happen, but I'm sure some of you have seen or have the badge for 10 multi-bouncer kills, the one with the 9 different smiley faces, well, I was thinking, that if you unlocked that badge, you should be able to click on a certain face on the badge and your egg show that face, let me know if this sounds stupid or not please.
You can see your badge only when it is your turn to play so I believe that there's a small percentage of it being in the next update.
true, but what about after a game, it could be used to show different emotions as well.
instead of clicking on badge it will be more easier if they put
customize shell option where you can change face with different emotion,hair,cloth,skin tone color etc.
appropriate to each shell.
great idea sensei, maybe we can get that implemented, i just dont want it to be where you can make it to look like the shop shells.
it will be awesome idea if its implemented i like joker character his hair is in red color if it possible to have different choices like original green hair even in basic shell will have feeling of having new shell. we will not get bored.
ppl do love customize things.
yep, i love to customize and make my own also, so maybe we can hope for this in the future, like for example the clowns hair in my avater could be blue or green.
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