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nyc idea
glad to see people like this! i think it would be pretty cool because ppl would be known for something htat otheres might not have.
Nice one buster.
Supported Smiley_Smile
decent idea although like tenchi says its not that simple.
i know its not to simple, but it would be nice for all of us to have one more goal to reach, half the users are prestige (something) level 99 and dont want to prestige or have all the way, nothing else to really aim for, idk if its just me but i dont really aim for trials Smiley_Tongue
This reminds me of Transformice, I like it Smiley_ThumbsUp
wait, does any of you know why the poster of this thread got banned? he seemed to be a pretty good user. unless, he was the one making those multi accounts and posting annoyingly on those 2 previous nights. i can't think of any reason why he got banned aside from those.

anyway, i do want to be able to freely choose which title i want to wear after unlocking them.
he posted something which was against rules.
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