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I really can't remember making this game on the BEO2 Forum yet so here we go! You knows the rules so lets get to it.

Do you know what Mr.T's real first name is?
Nope, that nigus <.<

Do you draw?
what is it?Smiley_Hungry
I just want to say on here, I am VERY CONFUSED on how this game works..but *Shrug* I don't know the rules to this game and like IDK if you can ask *on here in the game* like PERSONAL stuff.. as in like
if somebody can guess ur real IS THAT ALLOWED IN THE GAME OR NOT? Smiley_Confused I'm confused as to how this game works....
I already made this game. You should check it out.
@Z-Gamer kk thanks bro I will check it out sometime Smiley_BigGrin.
-_- You ask a question about whatever then the person who posts next is supposed to reply with a Yes or No. Then that person asks a question? Okay? Good. PS: If you want to know the original person who made the over 100 page game go to the original BEO forum. It was me who made it and I don't really appreciate people who copy someone elses topic just to get a bunch of posts.
Now, let's get to the game.
Do you play GTA Online?
NO!! I don't play GTA online.

Can you play a musical instrument?
I don't think so, haven't played one in a long time.

Are you active often here?

Do you think this forum will pick up the pace in terms of topics, posting and new people coming and becoming a regular?
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