Full Version: Puzzle of the Day
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every day two puzzle give ur answer

no cheating
first correct answr giver will b the winner

DAY 1:
#1 Start with a 2 digit number and multiply its digits together then multiply the digits of the new number together and continue until you get a single digit. For instance start with 39, do 3 times 9 to get 27, 2 times 7 gives 14 and 1 times 4 is 4. So 39 gives a chain of 4 numbers. Which start number has the longest chain?

#2 It is raining at midnight. Will the sun be shining in 72 hours time?
#1. 77- 7x7=49, 49- 4x9=36, 3x6=18, 1x8=9

#2. It's possible the sun will shine at midnight depending time of year North Pole / South Pole.
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