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yo guys Smiley_XD
today i like make a halloween station
in this station you can share your suggest about shells and weapons
this is biggest halloween station
okay i suggest my halloween shells already but now i add the weapon pack 9
okay this is my shells
[Image: 05643550379309068359.png]
and this my weapon pack 9 suggestion
[Image: 51226097646964867433.png]
okay my weapons reason:

weapon pack 9:

name:fire ball
how to use:this a weapon like death from above you shoot is near player and the 10 fire ball dust in player head
high damage:50

name:chocolate bomber
how to use:it is like a weapon in beo 1 in pack 8 special of chrismas you shoot to player 10 chocolate with the chocolate bomber
high damage:40

name:electric saw
how to use:you must use this weapon near the player and then click on space the the saw damaging to player -20 health
high damage:25

name:skull hand grende
how to use:you must shoot it near the player and then the grende explodent and 4 little skull come out and kill the player
high damage:30

name:atom bombSmiley_Devil
how to use:shoot with this weapon is very easy you click on space ad then the atom bomb dust in the map and then map be change
high damage:10

guys this is my 5 weapon idea for pack 9
suggest more packs and weapons and shells
thank you
nice art on weapons keep ideas coming.
ty men yes this is very nice art
guys come and say
how much credit for this halloween Donkins must pay?
20 or 25 or 30?
thank you
all the weps are there in the game
in beo1 or beo2
u just changed d name lol

btw nice thinking
no we dont have fire ball and electric saw and skull hand grende
3 of them is new
thank you
nice ideas (like always ^^)
hehe thanks men Smiley_XD Smiley_XD Smiley_XD
Excellent work verybadboy.
You could maybe include a trick or treat weapon,
A trick that could go horribly wrong killing you or all six players if its (3vs3) 10 damage per egg
A treat that could restore full health to all players.
thanks men
but in beo 1 we have something like this
atom bomb is the bomb damage to all of players
thank you
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