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HI EGGS!!! i think something we all love credits, but it isnt easy to take them i got 1 idea.if we have a spin for credits every month it wont is hard.If we spin every month for 5 or 10 cred the game will is more funny cause we can have 50 creds in 5 months (only very lucker can do it:trollfaceSmiley_Smile
Idk if the donkins add stuff like that. and i think this has been suggested before about a credit spin
why do people these days seems to obsess themselves with getting free credits? for op boring weapons?
Stop...Asking...For...Free...Credits! It pisses me off. there's been SO MANY topics about getting free credits. stop being greedy! it won't happen!
not bad idea
but Donkins never do that
cause they need money Smiley_Trollface
thank you
I for one have no idea about free credits I can't get any, I don't have a bad eggs online 2 game account
so I can't even get any credits.
Wouldn't we all like this? But I sincerely doubt any free credits thing will ever be added
Judging by your other threads and posts you're pretty thirsty for any free ways to get credits.
But nope, I think this would be a really ridiculous idea. You can already get paid weapons in the daily spin.
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