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yo guys Smiley_Trollface
today i think to very nice suggestion
namely leaderboard credit
in this suggestion i try to say
if some one who got to leader board earn 5 credit for rank 100
100-90 5 credit
90-80 10 credit
80-70 15 credit
70-60 20 credit
60-50 30 credit
50-40 40 credit
40-30 50 credit
30-20 100 credit
20-10 200 credit
first rank 500 super credit
this is my suggestion
but i have another suggestion again
we have referal link in every account
and if a player who sing up with your account and play to level 30 you earn 5 credit
so new suggestion
if player who sing up with your link and play to got in leader board you earn 100 credit!!!
how is this suggestions? Smiley_XD
thank you
There's a few problems right off the bat. If we were to make it to the leader board, how many times would we get the credits? Would this be applied to all 3 leader boards? What about boosters, is it going to create more of them? If we use the first one and combine it with the referral link suggestion you have at the end, would the credits be awarded multiple times or not?

All those really just add up to skill no longer being important in the game and it creates a system that ultimately costs the Donkins. The free credits are basically a "thanks for playing our game" and the referral link is mostly to give players an incentive to get their friends to play. If credits started to be awarded for little things like leader boards (although it is still an honor just to make it on them), then we as players would cause game development to stall.
thanks tenchi
but if Donkins like to do this program
they know how should to do
this mean i dont know for how many times players can sing up with your referal link and play until they got into the leader board and you earn 100 credit
the Donkins know how should to do
thank you
nice ideas but 1st 500 ?
yes 500 cause when you are in rank 100 for example
and try to get rank 99 and for example you have 1500000 xp
and the player in rank 99 have 1510000 xp
you try to earn 10000 xp to get rank 99
but in the rank 2 until rank 1
maybe you must try to earn 1000000 xp
thank you
This would be hard to implement because what if someone re-enters the leaderboard? I guess the Donkins could do it so it only awards each IP one boundary's award.

Also, I'm guessing the award would be cumulative? That would mean someone who's 85th would only get 10 credits, rather than 10 + 5 credits.
so if players get to 1st he/she gets 500 creds but what if he/she drops to 2nd and then gets back to 1st, another 500 creds?

500 creds is all packs (not that that person doesn't have all packs already) and alot stash restocking (near infinite).
Hmmm 500 credits arent much. I bought maybe 500 credits.on all my.beo idk.
Anyway this idea cant work, there is no need to have credits for playng much
yes you right
but this idea is very good
some one who sign up with your referal link
and then if the player got in leaderboard you earn 100 credit
cause if the player like to got in leaderboard must buy a lot of packs and pro
and when they got to leader board we can earn 100 credit
thank you
This is honestly impossible to implement, as many people mentioned so far... and the referral link one is way too easy to abuse.
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