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yo guys Smiley_Trollface
today i think it is good idea to have boost xp in the shop
for example:
you have pro and you have X2 xp mode
now we can add something to boost xp
this mean add something to shop
we can earn xp with X4 speed for 1 hour
but for example the cost of this mode should be 100 credit
X8 400 credit for 1 hour
X16 1000 credit for 30 min
thank you
it would destroy the game

the rich people however they play will be 5 times more than a proffesional player

till x2 this idea is good bt afterward it would be horrible
I'd kinda want a little XP boost, like as a unlockable weapon or something.
the "richies"wil get the most xp so it isnt fair!!!
those with money to spend or time to camp superrewards would buy many of those to get on leaderboard or higher on lb even if that booster had limits other than time, its not that difficult to setup 4 players match with x2 health and play against itself so 600 * 16 * ~10 matches * pro = ~200k xp and with 10 buys it'd be ~2m xp so in a week that/those player/players would be on top of lb.
Here's the biggest drawback to the suggestion. Any kind of experience gain is set where it is for a reason. We already have complaints of boosters and you would only be legitimizing their claims. There are some who would even say that the x2 gain from having pro makes the game 1-sided because they can unlock the higher-leveled weapons faster. So as Sam said, this would destroy the game regardless of if it was a new mode or available in the shop.
thank you tenchi for your comment
yes i think i use more boost
but i think x4 is not have any problem for 30 min
thank you
(08-08-2014 01:15 AM)mennogamer Wrote: [ -> ]the "richies"wil get the most xp so it isnt fair!!!
so what if we get loads of XP because of this idea ' us richies have nothing else to spend our credits on i have all shells now all weap and map and all everything that you can buy and i still have around 600 credits on my account so what else are we meant to spend them on???
point is XP means nothing to people unless your someone that sweats it out all day to be on the leaderboard
Yeah do it ill buy xp all day Smiley_BigGrin
I think this idea severely underestimates the effect that would have on levelling... honestly the fact that pro users get x2 is already a lot, and more than enough
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