Full Version: Ore and boosts suggestion!
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I have just thought of this:
BOOSTERS.... boosties? whatever....
So basically you can find these "boosties" in games in the terrain.
So, the person who shoots it, gets that boost given into his "arsenal" of weapons.
If the person uses it these are some of the effects he could gain:
Health regeneration (regens 50 HP),
Health loss (lose 50 HP),
Extra weapon (any normal one E.g sidewinder) It wouldn't matter if u had it unlocked or not,
Deal 25 DMG to all opponents,
Deal 50 DMG to everybody (these get rarer),
AND SO ON, it would look like this in the terrain:
[Image: question-mark-hi.png]
You can also buy the boosties in The Stash for 25 credits (idk change the price).
Also you can only use 3 per game.
Alrighty, before we start do NOT post anything about me ripping off the "ore" mechanic from another game, PLEASE!
Ore, it would be similiar to the "boosties" in the way that you find them in the terrain.
The ore you find would be rarer depending on the type.
With this ore you can craft armour, the armour would absorb more damage depending on what ore it's made out of. Also armour lasting times differ depending on the ore it's made out of.
For example:
Iron- Most common ore, armour absorbs 5 damage (deal with it) and requires 5 iron ore to create armour and lasts for 2 games,
(You can create armour in an extra tab they would add called "Crafting" there you can make armour depending on which ore you had)
Gold- Common ore, armour absorbs 10 damage but requires 7 ore to make and lasts for 4 games,
Titanium- Uncommon ore, armour absorbs 15 damage but requires 12 ore and lasts for 6 games, (i know these numbers are half-assed but I'm trying to balance things out)
Diamond- Rare ore, armour absorbs 20 damage, but requires 15 ore to make and lasts for 10 games,
Hellfire ore- Rare ore, armour absorbs 20 damage but is immune to fire and lasts for 10 games,
Ice ore?.... hmm coldrock ore..... hmmm COLD WATER ORE no..... HMMMMM o i know
Really cold ore- (I'm sorry i ran out of cool ice ore names :c) Rare ore, armour absorbs 20 damage but is immune to ice (as in u cant get frozen wearing it), requires 15 ore to make and lasts for 10 games.
AND THATS IT! Sorry for the last ore name i ran out of ideas :c
Well i hope u like it and feel free to post if you would like something changed and if u like it Smiley_BigGrin
good idea Smiley_ThumbsUp
but i do not think donkins do it
thank you
Those shootable things in the map looks like a cool idea (maybe make it not so overpowered though)... make it optional though. Like, another in-game option.

The ore one, on the other hand, doesn't seem so good, because for it to work it would have to outlast the game, and that... wouldn't be very balanced.
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