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Ok, so this is my first thread make, and also suggestion, and sorry if it has been suggested before. I will try to make it good but if you see a problem point it out!!! All feedback is appreciated.
So, my idea is that there is a pro setting or another game mode like 3v3, where games do not have turns, they go constantly and people can move and shoot whenever they can. There may be teams, like a 2v2 or 3v3. EDIT: There may be a time limit setting and whoever has most kills in 5 mins (less or more) with a re-spawn time of 10 seconds wins. Credit for this edit goes to SenSei. I thought I could write more but I guess that is it. Please say if you like it or not, and suggestions are appreciated!!! This idea is not yet complete.
if you add spawning & time limit say 5 min. game could be fun whoever kills most or team will be winners Smiley_XD
Thank you for the suggestion sensei Smiley_Smile
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