Full Version: An ignore button/option for Threads.
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So there is alot usseles and spam Threads and I don't want to see it everyday again. So I suggest an ignore button/option for Threads. I'm sure it's an easy thing to make. It almost the same as the ignore list, where you can ignore people.
YEAH its a gr8 ideas

and also make us able to pin our threads on the above
so that we can see them easily
every-one have right to express despite of low quality topics
you cant ignore someone completely only way to do is add his name in ignore list
do not feed the spammer alwys remember if you do that usless topics will piled up
do not expect from evryone to follow rules but you can alwys start from your-self
report topics those you think is spam staff will take care.
@sensie he is not saying that ignore a person directly bt we can ignore some threads which r low quality
not a person
i replied about both things because its connected
you cant ignore threads
for example topic name 'blablabla' ones you read or check ,it goes into your mind even dev. provide some kind of option for you but you know that topic existed & only perfect way to ignore is not to respond & report & mod will delete it or lock it.

i also understand what Z said to remove that topic from sight,idea is good.
i dont know much about v-bulletin but i think for that Dev. needs add script some kind like drop down option to evry thread where topic gets hidden which not easy thing to do & Dev. will only do it if spam gets out of control .
i am only giving options to avoid spam.
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