Full Version: beo3 (phone or tablet edition)
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this has been requested 100's of times but it hasn't been explained proberly so today i'm going to explain what is included, the proz and conz of this phone or tablet edition!

As in beo2 it updates every so often it would be the same as beo3.

Unlockables?... Yes there will be unlockables for example they will only 60 weapons in the game and 20 of them will be unlocked the other 40 will be shell additions and weapon packs.

How much will the game costed? To have the game of the game store you will pay 99p the reason why is because the donkins will get more money for beo2 and beo3 which will make improvements (etc)

How much for each weapon pack? You will do same as beo2 credit system but the weapon wills be 5 credits cheaper (reason because already payed for 99p on game store.

What kind of shells can you get? You can buy shells but they will only be a certain amount of animated because it will crash your gadget which will be not very joyful for the play

will you have high quality and trails? Yes the HD will be there but trails won't, reason is because it will crash and more likely stop your bad eggs experience.

How will you aim and move? You can already play on tablet but is has to be really strong and you can't move so you will be able to aim with your finger but the controls to jump etc will be little arrows and your screen you press when you want to move.

Will your beo2 account save to your beo3 account? No you will have to buy a new account but obviously Pro will be only 150 credits.

Why ain't pro free as your buying most stuff? The reason is because you will get the same random symmetry and all that in the pack but you will get all the map packs free and xp 2x and many more!

Will you have practice mode? Yes this won't need internet connection so you practice on the move!

will you have friends tab? Unfortunately no because the lag issues will be extreme but the donkins may or may not add it to the game Smiley_Hulk

How will i buy the credits? You will buy it from your app app payments>

How much if i buy everything cost up to? around 60-100 pound depends what updates but if you buy pro you don't need to spend on map packs so take about 20 pound of 60 you will paying around 40-44 pound in total

Questions from the creator of this thread?

1. does this make sense
2. Good ideas or not?
3. Should this be added
4. answer the poll!
5. anything else should be included i will edit and put it in!
5. Comment and rate Smiley_Trollface Smiley_Red

thanks for reading Smiley_Tongue
donkins would need to code game to something else than flash since tablets either don't have flash-support or they have have it so they'd need to code game 4 times (flash, ios, android (and need to decide that which android version), wp) and cheapest tablets prolly couldn't run game well.
I already play this game on my phone , its easy just convert this game on swf downlpading it, the download adobe flash in apk the download flash game player from market then play the swf file. Woah guys be smart, isnt difficult to,play beo on android..
I download game on my ipad. but just download a app that supports flash and there ya go. however I would love the game in the App Store or google play Smiley_Smile.
just agree lol it took nearly 30 minutes to write and think of it all just at least give me better ideas for it

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