Full Version: Separately buy weapons!
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pack 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 are all 50 credits each right?

why don't you instead have a mix and match like for example if you wanted only 1 weapon from weapon pack 8 you can buy one of the weps for 10 credits and then you can keep on buying diffrent weapons.

the proz for this setting is that everyone will be able to afford a weapon and the donkins will get more cash Smiley_BigGrin to make the game better.

i know thier is a trash setting but thats for only once so instead you can keep them and obviously people would think

thats worth it XDSmiley_XD get all excited and spend spend spend (i would anyway)

so tell me in the comments good idea or nahhhhh

*runs to mountain and sings happy*
wow actually this is a great idea say you got like 60 credits buy
a weapon pack then u just have tht 10 credits and nothing to buy with it but
bam with ur idea you can buy 1 more weapon i am a little concern cause
with the weapon packs you can turn the off so they stop showing up so i don't know how such
thing with work with this idea tho also I'm wonder what happens if you buy 1 weapon
from a weapon pack then latter buy the entire weapon pack say you buy 1 weapon
for 10 credits what if you want to then buy the whole pack later will it still
cost 50 credits?
we alredy have stash option so i dont think donkins will open to this idea
drawbacks ppl will only choose easy weapon with highest damage for their loadouts
As Sensei has already said, this suggestion is really just the stash shop. Although the latest packs have yet to be added, the majority of weapons (unlockable or in packs) are available for purchase and use. The stash even has 2 weapons that you otherwise wouldn't be able to get in the game. Ultimately, you're not suggesting anything new and it wouldn't improve the game.
thank you for your opinion deathstalker tenchi and sensei101 Smiley_Smile
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