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I know it has been suggested before but I thing that we could transfer credits it would be great
But it won't transfer directly it would send a code to the account associated with your Beo account and u will send the code to friends and they will write in the join friends menu to get the credits
Hmmm this is realy great idea..Smiley_Smile
It sounds more like an account merging system. Think of games that are like BEO, do they have any transfer systems? There might be one or two that do, but they aren't in the majority. The problem with a transfer system is that you end up getting credit farmers (think of gold farming in WoW). Ultimately, it would end up hurting the game by creating a lot of spam accounts and it would increase the number of people begging for credits.

Rob Donkin explained along time ago why they dont allow to transfer credits between accounts, also think about if they implement this. they should end the free credits give ways, imagine the scams some players will be doing,and not only with free credits, between accounts, also as many accounts are shared just think about the complains this will bring, BEO comunity and players are not responsable to use a system like that one, you cant imagine the huge amount of reports/complains donkins get about loosing credits, as a scam to cheat them, so many players report they lose credits for bugs, or they accidently bought some thing or that someone get into their acounts and spend the credits, ofcourse donkins have a way to know how ppl spend credits, and they can track the purchasing and yes they had returned some credits to certain ppl , but were special cases, but if players cant be trusted with no transfer imagine the huge amounts of problems this will bring to game.

now , of course this system could bring more incomes to the game, friends buying credits to firends, or dad buying credits to family accounts, or clans helping their members, but benefits dont outweigh the risks and problems
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