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The commenter post If you

You can do

If you had

If you were

If you could

I think those three are good Smiley_Smile


If you had a chance to meet a celeb who would it be

If you were a super hero, what super powers would you want

If you could change the laws, what would you change them to

Ima go first,

Remember, you can do If you had, if you were, or If you could

If you had only 7 days left to live, how would you spend them
Hmm If I only had seven days to live how I would spend them...taking time to talk to the people I Love...(besties, bros, Friends, sisters etc.). Having fun and living out my LIFE Smiley_BigGrin.

If you could be a Super Hero who would you be? Smiley_BigGrin.
spider man Smiley_Wink love dat dude

if you could do anything and you knew you could never fail at it
what would you do Smiley_Wink
I would play games

If you are a millionare what will you buy
I would buy a mansion and speedboats

If you could take over any game, and become the owner of it,only 1 game, which game would it be
Club penguin
what if you are banned in bad eggs 2 and 1 just becauze you are strong and you used real $ 1000 on your account?
uh if I could just point out..its not "What If"..its (if you had, if you were, or if you could)
But anyways I WOULD Hmm...I would be FAMOUS Smiley_BigGrin.

IF you were A Scuba Diver which places oceans would you dive into and why? Smiley_BigGrin.
I would scuba dive in the atlantic ocean Smiley_Smile because I just would want to

If you could become the mayor of a city which city would it be
If you had 3 wishes that could be fulfilled what would they be?
(07-21-2014 07:10 PM)snap Wrote: [ -> ]Newyork
If you had 3 wishes that could be fulfilled what would they be?
1. To get a million more wishes,
2. Invincibru,
3. World peace....
IF you could fly.... where would you go?
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