Full Version: Add new permission
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Hi everyone, I am new at forum, so today I'll suggestion you guys.
My english isn't very good, but you'll understand me, my suggestion is:
add permission kick from the party, If I am owner, because there is a lot of players,
Trolling,flaming,etc. That's it, and thanks for reading.

~ regards.
This has been suggested several times before. The biggest reason it has been denied is that it would be abused by anyone who can kick. If you were to play a game and a max-level player joined (or someone from the leaderboards), then the odds are that those people would be kicked from the lobby. If you really don't want to listen to people troll, the best option is and always will be to mute them.
if it can be abused it will be abused, its human nature.
People would just abuse the command and kick random people so only there is 1 person left on the other team
this way the the higher person will always e kicked out of other team and lower will of the same team
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