Full Version: The Charm Gun
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The Charm gun is a very special gun you see if you fire it onto a opponent blah blah blah doing a total dmg of 15 but the trick of this
gun is it drops the dmg lvl of all the persons gun down by 50% for 3 turns
so your playing a game then you hit a guy with a charm gun so he loses
15 hp and for 3 turns his guns will be cut down 50% giving you the advantage

i call it the charm gun cause it has a special charm to it Smiley_Tongue

i give it 15 dmg cause it seems like it already does alot so i dont
want to make it seem to over powered so thats why the dmg lvl
is so low

oh and when the gun is fired and it drops all gun dmg down by 50%
that includes weapon packs Smiley_Tongue

so plz comment down bellow or vote on the thread i hope i didnt
make this gun seem to over powered but i really think we should have this gun
Sorry, but that weapon would be too OP (overpowered).
no I don't like this idea because what happen if someone do 1 dmg or 5 to me? Would you do 0,5 dmg heheh? In my opinion this weapon will never work in this type of game.

Thank You Matthew
Uhh I have never heard of the "Charm Gun" I wouldn't know sorry bro..
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