Full Version: Fire cracker
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hey guys in the spirit of the 4th of july today i got to thinking
why not have a firecracker i mean there big and make big explosions
it could be like a bomb in beo2

dmg lvl will be -25hp

and when it blows up it shoots colorful fireworks Smiley_BigGrin
or colorful sparks or something like that anyways comment
down below and tell me what you think cause i thought a fire cracker for
this game would be killer Smiley_BigGrin
oh my gosh Bro that would be so cool Smiley_BigGrin.
That would've been a great weapon for the 4th of july! I Also just came back from doing fireworks at my moms house Smiley_XD it was like 2 hours Smiley_Smile
it would be awesome bro Smiley_Tongue
i suggest the damage get 30
and i make an image for suggest this weapon like this
[Image: qwwar1wekr8odexh60qd.png]
and nice idea
thank you
hmm well a fire cracker is more of a bomb and looks like dynamite and your
image looks more like a ray gun and since fire crackers kind of look like dynamite
thats why i gave it the same dmg lvl of dynamite
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