Full Version: The Bat
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(sorry if this has already been suggested)

so i got to thinking a baseball bat it would do the same
thing as the frying pan it would hit them back to a distance
but the power of it would be the same amount of power the
boxing clove

i was thinking dmg would be...

dmg amount: 15 or 20

and when i say same amount of power as the boxing clove i meant
that like the boxing club hits someone farther back than the
frying pan so thats what i mean it would be that strong

[Image: louisville-slugger-bat.png]

i mean come on can u imagine this in the game it would be killer
not bad idea but it is good idea between the 30 to 40
and with baseball ball
thank you
It sounds like a really good suggestion bro Smiley_BigGrin. I know I would sure enjoy it Smiley_Wink.
Useless idea. we don't need more weapons like the frying pan.
Dark emo is right, I dont even like the frying pan
I like those kinds of weapons .-..
Good for you. But there's already the frying pan and the boxing glove. We don't need another one.
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