Full Version: Water balloon Launcher & Ice-cream scoop launcher
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Ice-cream scoop launcher

[Image: fUXeW3C.png] [Image: svkvpWU.jpg]

Description- as you see in pic. Cone is gun 3 different color scoops will be ammo
Animation- 3 scoops will launch in the air one after another or they will go together like triple knives doing 10 damage each so total 30 damage
anyone remembers X-mas weapon pack from BEO1? it has snowball
so on point of impact each scoop will have same animation like thatSmiley_BigGrin

Water balloon Launcher

[Image: 0JOA3Q4.jpg]


i was thinking about WB launcher googled about it found better gun its just suggestion anyway so posted original looks better than i imagine Smiley_BigGrin

Description- 6 water balloon going 1 after another doing 5 damage each total 30 damage on point of impact splash of water on egg Smiley_XD
projectile working will be same like multi -bouncer Gun or multi -missile Smiley_Smile
Another awesome idea from Sensei.

Looks cool, I'd want to see it in the game.
nice work
you are good suggester and very good artistSmiley_Heart Smiley_ThumbsUp
thank you
thanks Emo & bad boy

not my art those are free clip arts [google images]
but i am glad you both like my idea Smiley_Smile
@SenSei wow dude this looks great I wouldn't mind playing any or even both of those 2 weps in
battle Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_BigGrin. Great art work tooSmiley_ThumbsUp.
thanks deathstalker88 Smiley_Smile
No problem bro Smiley_ThumbsUp.
added poll Which launcher You Like? Line is typo sorry
you can vote both if you like Smiley_BigGrin
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