Full Version: scuba diving with my egg shells
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guys guys guys
today i like show you my egg shell scuba diving in the deep place of sea
and take an image and video from the shark egg and water turtle egg
it is very funny i make it about 2 hours
note:please do not copy from this image thank you
[Image: ymtap06gntk6g3awze7e.png]
thank you
nice work Smiley_ThumbsUp
but if you add the bubble in the image.the image get very nicer
thanks men okay if i can add the bubbles and some tresure
thank you
Very good artwork! I hope that shark isn't hungry!
nice job Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_ThumbsUp
shark is not hungry
shark just like to kill him
thank you
it is very beautiful
lol. nice compose , but why the bones in the ground?
Just to add some detail to the ocean floor, probably.
(08-03-2014 06:41 AM)troll2 Wrote: [ -> ]lol. nice compose , but why the bones in the ground?
Some1 wants his dog to go swimming so he threw 2 bones but they sank somehow and the doge couldn't get them.
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