Full Version: weapon pack 9-junk food
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okay I've been thinking(first time ever":P) what about a weapon pack of junk food so here we go! Smiley_BigGrin

Flying Fries- When you shoot them they come out separately like the machine gun but if you dont want to direct hit them click space just before they hit the opponent then the count down starts! 45 damage max!

Big Burger- Is a massive burger which you shoot like falling elephants then it comes down like the fridge but when it lands it creates a hole like big boom every time its bounces... 15 damage on direct hit and it would bounce 3 times

Milkshake-When you throwed the cup of milking, You would make the floor the terrain brownish or pinkish and if anyone is on that area where the milkshake is they freeze for 1 turn and lose 15 damage.

Nuggets- The nuggets are different kind of weapon, You still have random ammo.... but their would be another setting for 1-2-3 nuggets....(3 nuggets would be like triple-x) (2 nuggets will be like double trouble) ( 1 nugget would be like throwing a bazooka) the xp the opponent would get is...3 nuggets:20 ( 2 nuggets 15 damage) ( 1 nugget 5 )
any ideas that's all i got Smiley_TongueSmiley_XDSmiley_BigGrin
Great Idea! I would buy this weapon pack
Well. Nice ideas. But it needs more than 2 weapons.
Great Idea Bro Smiley_Tongue Smiley_Tongue Hey you should have like the MILKSHAKE and MCFLURRY in there ya know Smiley_Tongue (McFlurry like what they have at McDonald's Smiley_Tongue. mmm those are tasty Smiley_Tongue) Oh and then something with Chicken nuggets and tenders....bro some more suggestions weps like that maybe?? Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_BigGrin.
Junk food hmm, Candy!, Chocolate, Skittles, blowpops, And maybe some Twizzlers... and some tacos or burritos.
we have too much weapons in this game. We need more maps and settings then weapons.
I think it's a great idea Smiley_Smile
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