Full Version: Scifen,Malinero and Me As Godz
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[Image: Xy2IY6q.png]

halogamer1 is the designer!

p.s Malinero on the left, im in the middle and scifen is on the right
Wow, all three of these look absolutely great! Nice job
Woah those look totally baddd arse Smiley_Tongue Lolll nice job guys and Halogamer1 nice job on the art designs Smiley_BigGrin.
thank you,

more coming soon Smiley_Wink
Coolio Look forward to seeing them bro Smiley_Tongue
wow nice work
it has good looking
thank you
THIS.... IS..... FREAKING..... AWESOME!!!!!!! Cool idea btw XP
Great designs! My Favorite one is the last one
thank you for all the commentsSmiley_Tongue
your welcome brooo Smiley_Tongue Lol.
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