Full Version: World Cup Shells
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As everyone knows,the World Cup in Brazil started. I was thinking at adding flag shells like in BEO1 based on the 32 countries who are playing in Brazil.
What do you think about it?
best thing would be to add soccer/football shell instead of country based flag because other soccer fan from different countries will feel neglected developers cant add all countries either if they do that would be something but i doubt that will happen.Tag/Flag i suggested same thing but with tag not with shell it was popular idea that time but there are other reason as mention in my topic by other members i doubt this idea might not happen.
i make them and i share it on forum i think tomorrow
thank you
I'm not really in to the world cup. and I don't think a lot of people will buy the shells.
flag shells are ok since then very1 (or near every1) can get their own country's flag shell.
I would definitely buy these shells!
Sounds great! It would be nice if you had some pictures of what the shells may look like
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