Full Version: Equal Weapons (Pro Mode Setting)
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Now, you're probably asking yourself?
"What is this, and who and I even talking too?"

Well as the Title suggest
Equal Weapons.

Now What is Equal Weapons Mode?

It's a mode that everyone gets the same weapon load out, not really deciding on your luck, but just PURE skill.

1. Weapon Pack weapons or buy-able weapons are disabled for everyone unless everyone has the same weapon pack or weapons.

If you didn't understand, pretend that you joined a game with this mode on. When you look at your randomly selected weapons, you know that everyone has the same weapons.

Now you might argue that "Oh! but what if a Guest joins in?"
well everyone would get a load out consisting of stock weapons. Kinda Simple.

What happens when someone quits?
Well the Chicken would use their load-out.

I hate it when people rely more on weapon damage or abilities then actually aiming.

Now I have suggested this to be in with Pro Mode, as in the Title of this Topic.
I feel this would actually balance a game, where the only reason you lost, is because of you/team's skill level.
I feel this would arise the Competitive level of BEO2 as since your weapon loadouts are randomized, it's all dependent on the variable of luck.

Also... please use constructive criticism and please Elaborate why you like/dislike my suggestion.
So don't go around "this is good"
Why is it good?
If you can't say anything more, your post isn't appreciated.

Thank you, for reading my simple suggestion.
-AFKnightr (My name in-game. I Haven't been playing for long)
not bad idea, it'd level playfield alot, many times I don't have any straight shooting weapon except bazooka.
i suggested the same long time ago i called it Skill mode any way ,your idea nice too
hope it shows up some day Smiley_Smile
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