Full Version: The "harvester" trailer/thing
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Okay so, before you watch what was good until my rendering program messed up let me explain a few things....

-This isn't a full blown animation, its an idea of what I would like to create.

-There is a typo in there but idc....I was trying to get it out of the way because I have a few tests to study for.(I edited the video)

-There is this thing called "swivel", it exports flash animation because not all flash programs export in a video format, it exports in swf. So, I had to convert it and I haven't made an animation serious enough for me to use it until now. Well, when you watch it, you will see a few jerking moments when the camera moves and the narration I recorded was butchered into making me sound like Rocky apologies...I will try to figure out good exporting settings.( Removed my garbage narration)

-This is 12fps (frames per second), that's crap. I will make a 30fps animation when I create the final animation, it will be alot faster and smoother.The 12 fps is for my needs of getting out there.

-This is going to a story for the guy here on the bottom of the dam:

Im not planning on fixing this, I will be moving on soon to the legit version.I will make sure that one does not end up like that^ Cool , but hopefully you guys understand where im going with this. I plan on making this horror and action like, im not going to lie the video was dry but the actuall animation will be good.Also quality is up to HD so if you want to pause to look at the art to 'salvage' some juice by all means.

I have a feeling there will be a few questions so also let me throw these out there:

Who is the guy in the beginning? The protaganist
Who is the harvester? You will find out
When will it be finished? Uh......dont expect it for a while animating is not easy D:

Will you animate for me? NO
Do you need help? Yes I do, if you could write a plot or story,voice act, or even toss some ideas at me let me know.

Will I do any other animations in the future? Ofcourse.

Besides that I dont know what else to add so im going to let you go here.


........*halo dives into bushes*
It looks awesome. I know the final product will be amazing!
Cool, you should make a movie, long.
It's awesome!! Why? BECAUSE U MADE IT and also because it's just simply AWESUM!!!!!!
*mali dives into a bush*
ok ive already said this (and it's off topic) thanks for the sig it's a small thing of what u do as a beo animator

(in topic) that was an amazing animation! kinda makes me want to eat scrambled eggs now!
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