Full Version: egg shell (PRO)!!!
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yo guys
you know guys we have map pro
so we can make and play own map
and we can playing in alot of mode game.
so i think why we can not make own egg shell!!!!!
it is very nice idea
this mean you can make a egg shell and your egg shell have beard and moustache and color of eyes and etc....
Donkins please do this program
thank you
Here's the big problem with that. The amount of time it would take to do this would be enormous. First you have to create the selection menu for each item in the customization, then you have to create the system to save each individual egg. If you include any type of clothing, then you have to make sure that none of it could be used to re-create any of the existing shells that are for purchase (along with shell color and any hair that you have). There's already a lot available to people who have pro and there isn't much that could be added to it (user created maps included as something that isn't really needed).
i agree with this program but you know this is need a lot time for making this program
yes but if Donkins make it they can have a lot of benefit like 500 credit
Ok, let's look at this from a different angle. Let's say they do make this and put it in the game as part of buying pro. In order for them to see any benefit to this, they would need to raise the price of pro; something that you don't want to occur (in fact, you were arguing to lower the price on another thread).
not bad idea but you
know if Donkins like to make it
need long time to make
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