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do you guys think there should be a game option where you can put on fall damage, where you get damaged if you fall from a certain height
the damage could vary between 1-10
Only if it is a option in the settings then yes. but if not a option then no.
This is a great idea.
fall damage should be around -5 or -3 it will be fun to see
Fall Damage + Big Explosions + Low Gravity + $$$ = PROFIT!
(Support the idea as long as it is a game setting)
I think that there was already a topic with this. Anyway, my vote goes for Yes!
I have a question. Would someone be damaged for jumping(like if it was from a high place)? How would the fall damage be determined?
Fall too far= Get hurt

"I see now that the circumstances of one's fall are irrelevant; it is how far you fall that determines whether or not you take damage."

yh it would be good if it was in game setting, also the damage could vary between 1-10
awsome use pan and hit upward Smiley_Smile
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