Full Version: MAFIA
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hi guys
how is it my new funny picture?
i think it is very good!!!
[Image: 62352504984346815425.jpg]
thank you
Hehehe I like it I am from Italy and i am very familiar with how the mafia looks and you have captured that in this picture good job. I veri Mafiosi sono in Italia.
verybadboy you are one of them now...
Thanks guys
I make it about 1 hour
I like it too
Nice job,

but I have a question. why clouds?
Beacuse i have not good idea for background
So i use the clouds for the background
hi guys i update my mafia egg shells
and i make they avatar for you it is very good.
[Image: 57381019663306478346.jpg]

[Image: 72846145234399354709.jpg]
thank you
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