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Hello bad eggs community I would like to present two drawings created by one of the best digital artists ever,Halogame1. I have requested of him 2 drawings one an ancient Roman Centurion and one an Italian Marine.He beautifully drew these with fine detail and accurately presented of the actual Roman Centurion and modern day Italian Marine. This is evolution of the italian soldier.

[Image: tna4E10.png]

[Image: MuRVf0t.png]
Wow, they are very good, aren't they? Halogame is a genius when it comes to design
very good and nice
thank you
Wow nice shells they are really cool!! Smiley_Wink
Really awesome shells, halogame is one really talented artist.
how do u make these
VEWY VEWY GOOD I like the army Italian soldier u guys are artist nice drawings Smiley_BigGrin
ohe ohe ohe un altro italiano? livello e prestigio per favore :3
Good job lupo like the egg shell
Very nice artwork man Smiley_Smile hope to see you in the game too
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