Full Version: EGG cellent :3
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hahah hi guys and gals
i recently made another shell and i know its not as good quality wise as the blue one but it got me wondering what would be more popular the blue one or the pink one

vote away peeps

edit incase you cant find the blue one im wearing it Smiley_BigGrin
nice pretty egg i love it
Lol, I really like it, keep it up.
if anyone wants they can use that shell...its my gift to you Smiley_BigGrin

(im keeping blue one though lol... thats mine)
just copy link at top and past into avatar thingy
i would go with blueSmiley_BigGrin
good job, but I have a question. why are you using the BEO1 shell style?
cause the i original made for a beo1 comp but never enetered and dug it up last month..... and when i made pink i just used blue shell but changed colours Smiley_BigGrin

i made it on my ipod which broke, a year later i downloaded dropbox on my phone which i used my old login for dropbox..... and there i discovered it
Ahh, a bit of BEO1 nostalgia.......
My favourite is the blue one, they both are good though
pink -
green -
yellow -
orange -
purple -
red -
blue - hahah mine not sharing

i made a few more colours incase anyone wants to use any Smiley_Smile
ok so I put it into the beo2 style...took me ages but not sure which I prefer......

this one looks kind of mean looking where other one looked happier

anyway ill roll with this one for a while and see if it grows on me

feel free to add your 2 cents as id like to know what one people prefer the one im modelling or the previous one I had on
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