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hey what if there was a tiger shell like there are animal shells
in the game like the rooster the pig (hambo) and now the bunny
well why not a tiger shell after all tigers are fierce deadly animals
so i was just thinking a tiger shell i would definetly use it
i say a tiger mostly cause its my favorite animal but i find nothing
wrong with making that a shell so i think it would be a perfect fit
especially sines its a fighting champion Smiley_BigGrin

P.S plz vote on the polls guys
good idea i would like a tiger shell too
Yea right there isnt gonna be one.
yup but then they have to make a shel pack african animals might a new suggestion? whit and elephant tiger rhino and maybe a monkey? Smiley_BigGrin

Btw good idea Wildmud
Good Idea bro Smiley_RockOn I Hope somebody could make one for in game? Smiley_BigGrin.
(11-17-2014 06:29 AM)My mom Wrote: [ -> ]Yea right there isnt gonna be one.

Stop posting on old threads, or I will penalize your posting privileges.
a tiger shell were nice i think
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