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I am fond of the Map Editor option in the original game. Aside from any bugs or whatnot, I was hoping that you would include the Map Editor option in this new game.
It is possible that they will never include a map editor, as you could easily make a highly unfair terrain. They could make a map editor with a forced symmetry, I suppose.
they could just have admins spying on people with user created terrains. and if they see that map. there in big doo doo Smiley_Devil
yeh i dont like big doo doo either seen it many times

instead of map editors make some creative maps 5-6 which only allow to have in pro
that could solve problem.
I don't know if this is even possible for the donkins. But. You can still edit maps. but if you were making a map close to the shape of the flat map or the map with holes. it could like not let you or pop up a warning or something.
If the map editor had the symmetrical option installed as a default; then all the maps would be exactly even for both sides. At least that is how I have created all of my maps so far.
I also would like the terrain editor back. It was a cool feature and allowed for unique games to be played, not to mention it enables creativity to be shown. Though I am not sure how it would be created since the terrains in BEO2 are more complex(perhaps, we could be given a color palette, pencil tools, and eraser in the terrain editor and we can draw the terrain). I agree that the unfair terrains that were sometimes created in BEO1 were aggravating, but I don't think that means terrain editor should be completely cut out. Maybe there could be a voting system on the terrains, and if a terrain got a certain number of downvotes(ex: 10-20) it was removed, and if it got a certain number of upvotes(ex: 50?), the Donkins could consider adding it to the terrain options. Smiley_BigGrin
Like you guys said, symmetry is the absolute perfect solution to the custom maps problem. Wanna trap someone? You get trapped too. Someone should PM the Donkins about this, I see no flaws in this plan.
I think you guys are forgetting that you get slightly random spawn points, along with the fact that the sides of each team (red/blue) randomly switch. I believe that the Donkin's did this on purpose, because they eventually intend to re-apply the map editor. And it would help keep trap maps from being effective.
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