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the thread was a total failure

Turning the thread on a dump

Shells i never release on forum
[Image: shlls.png]

my personal signatures

[Image: 2z8uj6b.gif] <--- its animated just take time,

[Image: 2a5wymd.gif]

troll2 beo2 adv stuffs

[Image: Untitled_4.png]

just for record of how this thread was a huge failure

Spoiler :

Hi ppl, i will be posting here signatures for the forum.

if u don't know how to edit your profile read the How to Use the New Forum Tutorial/ Profile settings

how to use them, well copy image url for the sig you want ,links are numerated according signatures, then go to User_PC and select signature, paste the link on the signature box between [IMG] and [/IMG] also u can align the sig to left, center or right

[Image: nqv6e9.jpg]

Note: all the signatures have transparent background to fit with any color of the forum.
Note2: sorry for posting this way, but new forum only allows 10 images per post

Signatures for BEO2 characters ( everybody can use them for free if they want to)


[Image: beiycm.png]


[Image: 3sls5.png]

Sigs i made for users as a request:

Want a personalized signature? easy just leave me a comment, and the name of the shell(character you want on your signature) and the text you want

[Image: 1045iiv.jpg]

if u have a suggestion of improving any signatures from the pool, be my guest, leave a comment, hope girls can drop a comment or suggestion about girly signatures.

so thx for looking the topic, hope many like the signatures and use them, remember they are FREE!(for use only in BEO2 forum)


I like the boys signature number 3. lol

I used to be a normal egg. before I played bad eggs to Smiley_Smile
"Hell yeah! Let's play" LOL.

Cool designs as always, nice work. Smiley_Smile
Very nice work! You take requests now? Awesome! Good job! You're a star! Smiley_XD
These signatures are great! A lot of time must have gone into them. Thank-you for sharing them with us
Wow. How have you made so many so quickly. Nice work.
so cool , i like 1st ,6th ,7 ,9 nice work
Woah so amazing dude.
Rofl! 'I rock dude you not' Smiley_XD
Some of these are pretty sweet, awesome job!
I especially like the cowboy one haha
this was an idea i always want to make for BEO1, but i never had the chance,and i always though its was something need it , and i wanted give importance to each shell,

u ask how, half of the credit it's yours, i just give a complement to the amazing shells you design , also almost all are minimalist signatures, so that helped to made them fast, also the wide variety of characters that the game has to adapt to many personalities of the players.

and as final comment , i also want to give to all girls that play BEO, something else , as a thank you for supporting the game, especially beo1 when shells had almost no female characters., but now things are different,girls have more variety, which I'm sure they will appreciate it forever

thx to all members for the comments,

PS i hope when the game release and forum at full version, a lot of players use this pool. i will be updating as creators release new shells.

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