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hey guys i kind of got interested in doing this since ive seen this around the forum a little bit so i thought i might as well do it

owt Bieunns ilanlgf Ni Evlo eyt noobdy Oswkn' whcih sI teh
byo Nad Iwhhc Si hEt irlg erihet ayw terhe phayp vroeerf dna hatt si eurt LoeV htta evne Uyo cNa joyen
note: there is a secret code by unscrambling all the capital letters in the sentence
[Image: Kissing-Bunnies_www.FullHDWpp.com_.jpg]

yea i like bunnies don't judge me
Sup mut Smiley_Tongue
Unscrambled it reads : two bunnies falling in love yet nobody knows which is the boy and which is the girl either way there happy forever and that is true love that even you can enjoy.

omg you got it Smiley_Shocked

ill be creating more soon so stay tooned


ni iths TcrpeUi oyln oyu LliW ees a acIlpes umt mdena uiwMdtL
sa rfa sa hte yee anc ese

ounce again there is a secret code within caps

[Image: bengal_tiger-8893.jpg]
decipher that 1 if you can guys ^^^^^^

(too short)
in this picture only you will see a special mut named wildmut as far as the eye can see?
correct but there is a 2nd part to it put all the capital letters together to unscramble it
im not gonna try..... it took me like a couple of minutes trying to figure out the "special" part...
you just said, I tried it for a couple of minutes, and then said, i'm not going to try. and also. if your going to post something, than don't be rude.
umm cheef. im not being rude. i just said that it took me a couple of minutes thinking about the "special" part. if thats rude to u, i dont know what to tell u.
I'm just guessing here but does the "Special" word spell WildMut? :/.
Lol Idk...I tried Smiley_XD.
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